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Belgian Malinois dogs that recently graduated from the Mechem Training Center in Tshwane, South Africa,  are now on active duty in Pilanesberg National Reserve and the Kruger National Park in South Africa,to help catch rhino poachers in the areas.

Russell and Toby, the two Malinois dogs will be handled by field rangers in the parks. This dog project works in conjunction with the Stop Rhino Poaching Project.

These dogs are trained in:

  • Weapon detection
  • Horn detection
  • Tracking in the bush and hot scene intervention
  • Ground support visibility

How long does it take to train an anti-poaching bush dog?

Anti-poaching training takes nine- weeks and begins when the dog is around 14 months old, after he has completed all his basic obedience training. These dogs are regarded as highly effective anti-poaching weapons. Unfortunately ,anti-poaching dogs do not wear any bulletproof gear. Elsie Daffue, founder of the Stop Rhino Poaching says…

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